An Authentic 1st Century Jerusalem Burial Shroud

My latest article in theĀ Huffington Post with a new gallery of photos, some previously unpublished, related to the “Tomb of the Shroud,” discovered in the year 2000 in Akledama, in the Hinnom Valley just south of Jerusalem.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.48.43 AM

CNN focused on the question of the authenticity of the controversial “Shroud of Turin,” in the first episode of its new pre-Easter series “Finding Jesus.” Those challenging the authenticity of this ancient relic point to carbon dating tests done at three independent labs in 1988 that dated samples of its cloth to AD 1260-1390, which coincides with the first appearance of the shroud in France in the 1350s. Believers in the shroud’s authenticity have questioned the authenticity of the tests.

What many do not know is that we do in fact have an unquestionably authentic burial shroud from a tomb in Jerusalem that has been carbon dated to the 1st century. Any consideration of the “Shroud of Turin” should begin with a comparison of what we know rather than what we might want to believe. How this shroud was discovered, tested, analyzed, and with what results is a fascinating chapter in the history of recent Jerusalem archaeology in which I was privileged to play a small but “accidental” part….

Read the rest of the story here, with links to the scientific reports, and view the gallery below.