Hoffmann on the “Passion of the Christ Deniers”

Joseph Hoffmann is ever as entertaining as instructive. His recent post, just republished today on his blog, The New Oxonion, cleverly titled  “The Passion of the Christ Deniers,” is not to be missed. You can find it here.


The recent uptick of interest in the historical Jesus is fueled partly by a new interest in a movement that was laid to rest about seventy years ago, but has received a new lease of life  from a clutch of historical Jesus-deniers.  The rallying point for the group is a site maintained by a blogger by the name of Neil Godfrey, an Australian university librarian who, like many others who have assumed the position, comes from a conservative Christian background.

In the broadest terms, the movement feeds and thrives on the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth never really existed. . .