James Tabor on PBS: The Afterlife

One of the programs I did on the PBS Show “Closer to Truth,” hosted by Dr. Robert L. Kuhn was on the “Afterlife.” I have also published an article dealing with the same subject, “What the Bible Says About the Future,” which you can download free as a PDF here. Enjoy the interview by clicking the video image here:

If you are not familiar with this remarkable creation of Dr. Robert Kuhn dealing with the “Big Questions,” namely God, Cosmos, and Consciousness, you can browse some of the past shows here. The group of experts he has gathered together is truly impressive, a virtual “Who’s Who” on all sides of every issue, with Kuhn’s probing skills as host bringing out their best.  I am honored to have been included. Television does not get better than this.

While I am on the subject of the “Afterlife” I wanted to also recommend some past posts for new readers of this blog that I think will shed much light on this fascinating but complex subject–including the oft misunderstood concept of “Resurrection of the Dead.” As you will see there is a lot of in-depth material archived here, much of which I regularly present in my university classes and I am pleased to share with my blog readers.

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